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Sheryl, 21 is currently a third year communications major in NUS. She is currently reading 1984 by Goerge Orwell, her favourite films are Predestination and Mean Girls, and she listens to Copeland, Man Overboard, Bring Me The Horizon, Neck Deep and Taylor Swift (as said with much excitement).

Sheryl only started smoking a few months ago. She was first given Marlboros from her friend and didn’t like the taste of it, but when she tried Sampoerna she went: ‘ Holy shit what is this cigarette that leaves sugar on my lips?’. She prefers this brand over other menthol cigarettes as sometimes it just feels too icy, and she much rather drink ice water than smoke that.

She currently smokes Sampoerna Menthol as the nicotine isn’t as strong and the sweetened paper is much more enjoyable compared to regular cigarettes. Sampoerna is also special to her as it originated from Southeast Asia and can’t be found anywhere else.

When asked why she started smoking, she stated that she first started out of curiosity, but continued due to personal reasons:

‘I guess there’s always that attribute to smoking that makes u feel like you’re killing yourself, and I like that. I guess different people have different ways of killing themselves, like being workaholic, staying in toxic relationships etc, and smoking is just one obvious way for me. It can be summarised as me being sick of trying to be perfect.’
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