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‘I’ve stuck through this brand of cigarettes (that i’m smoking), Next Chill, since I was 18. I’ve tried all kinds of cigarettes but I still come back to this.’

Ritz has smoked Next Chill for six years, and he reasons that this is because he is a creature of habit be it in food, routine, or places he goes to. He likes Next Chill as it has the right amount of menthol and tobacco in there, and ‘it’s not like lights or malborol menthol, those give me a sore throat.’

Ritz plays drums for The Summer State (a local Singaporean band), and when asked about his favourite band, he naturally said that he will choose to name a local band. After deciding for a very long time, he says ’Take Two.’ He is a huge fan and has a lot of respect for them.

‘As musicians, sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and make things very complicated in our music, but they know how to keep it simple and their songs are easy to listen to’.
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What excuse do I have for smoking?

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