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I bumped into Mirza after watching Star Wars at The Projector, and it turns out that he is an intern there. He is also studying animation in Lasalle, and hopes to pursue this line of work in the future. When asked about who favourite artists, filmmakers and musicians are, he churned out a bunch of names:

  1. Satoshi Kon
  2. Hayao Miyazaki
  3. Stanley Kubrick
  4. Wes Anderson
  5. Sparklehorse
  6. Neil Cicierga

I’ve never heard of Neil Cicierga, but according to Mirza (who continued to describe in excitement), he created the Harry Potter Puppet Pals, and also came up with ‘these two mash up albums that was really funny’.

Mirza is 22 this year, and started smoking when he was 18. He smokes Pall Mall Reds, and this is largely because his friend converted him from menthol to reds last year. He prefers this particular brand because it’s smooth and tastes nicer. 

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