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‘There was once, I hung out with a bunch of goth kids who drank blank coffee while chain-smoking lucky strikes. However, I was munching on an ice cream sandwich. That was when I decided I wasn’t cut out to be a goth kid.’

Mia is a recent graduate from a fashion course. She hopes to be a fashion photographer in the future. Her friends call her a ‘stresscial smoker’ as she has only smokes in school or if she is working on her art projects. She has a lot of self control and doesn’t smoke as habit.

When asked about the correlation between who you are and the kind of cigarettes you smoke, she observed that somehow or rather, it seems that a lot of fashion kids smoke lucky strikes. She too, smokes grape flavoured lucky strikes. What attracted her to this brand of cigarettes is the sweet taste. The grape flavour in lucky strikes is the sweetest she has tasted so far. However, there isn’t much of a kick because it’s extremely light, hence she switches to lucky strike menthol whenever she is stressed.

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