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Day 14 - Marcus

I started smoking out of curiosity when I was twelve. One of my classmates stole a pack of Marlboro White Menthol from his father, and asked if we would like to try. It wasn’t a bad experience, I didn’t cough, I didn’t feel breathless, nor was it heavy on my lungs, but I didn’t necessarily like it either. 

Either way, I continued smoking, and i’ve been smoking up till today. 

At age twelve to thirteen, I only smoked menthol. Back then I had two gigantic classmates from China, and because of their size they never got their ID checked. I always asked them to buy me a pack of cigarettes, and they’d go to the store, buy a pack, and pass it back to me. A pack back then could last me a week, but of course by the end of the week it got a little tasteless. Now, it’s less than a pack in a day. 

When I was fourteen, a friend of mine told me to grow up and smoke reds, so I tried it. I didn’t like it at first, but being underaged I had no means of buying my own cigarettes. I had to take from others. They all smoked reds, so I eventually got used to the taste and started to like it. I ended up smoking Winston Reds. 

Shortly after, I stopped Winston Reds because I got more competitive in my dancing. I found that it was really taking a toll on my stamina, I would be out of breath after just a few rounds of dancing, and would constantly need to go out for some fresh air. There was once, I nearly vomited because I couldn’t breath properly. I decided to make the switch back to menthol to take things a notch down. 

I’ve never felt the need to stop smoking. I have stopped a few times but eventually return to it when I get offered a cigarette. There might be a point in time where i’ll feel the need to stop smoking, but not any time soon. 

I do think that I am influenced by the people around me to smoke. Lets say, i’m on my way to meet my friends and I light up a cigarette, only to finish it just before I meet them. When we meet, they might want to smoke too, and when I see them pull out a cigarette, i’d naturally take one out to smoke as well. I do think that smoking is a very good tool for socialising. Everyone is so focused on the action that their mind becomes free to talk and open up to the people around them.  

Nowadays, I smoke Viceroy Boost. 

If there’s one thing i learnt about in life, is that anybody and everybody can leave you in your life, but cigarettes will never leave you. 
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