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I started smoking when I was eighteen because it had that cool factor to it, and I definitely wanted to look cool. My first cigarette was a Virginia Slim, and since then I’ve always smoked menthol cigarettes.

There was a period of time where I was smoking Sobranie cigarettes as well. My god, the cigarettes were pink, green blue, it was very aesthetically pleasing. But ah, this was twenty over years ago.

When I went to the army, it got even worse because there was simply nothing to do and I started to chain smoke. I also started drinking and clubbing, and evolved into a Cartier cigarette smoker.  

I stopped smoking for four years when I was in NUS, but picked it up again almost immediately after entering the work force. My colleagues back then set a test for me. They said that if I managed to quit smoking, they will award me with a tie every three months that I go cigarette free. I love ties , and agreed on the basis that it can’t be an ordinary tie. They agreed. However, after my first tie, I realised that I could buy my own ties and picked up smoking again.

As you age, the aesthetics become less important and smoking becomes more about the taste. After Cartier stopped producing cigarettes, I was looking around for something to replace it and found Next Chill. It wasn’t as expensive compared to other brands such as Marlboro, and the effect is pretty much the same. I started smoking it and have been smoking this brand ever since.

I do miss my Cartier because of the aesthetics. I mean, there is a sense of superiority going on when I whip out a Cartier cigarette and all the other people are smoking their lousy cigarettes. It is very shallow, but… I am very shallow.  

We all know that smoking isn’t good, but why do we still smoke it? What I understand about myself is that I’m very self-destructive. I chain smoke nonstop amongst other vices, and especially in times like these, my self-destructive mode is constantly on and is waiting to be exercised.

Maybe it’s because I’m Pisces, maybe it’s just my character. It is my form of solace, and who are you to say otherwise? Besides, no doctors have proven this leads directly to cancer, right? So… what the hell.

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