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I’m a first year history of art student at the University of Warwick, and I’m intrigued by more often than not male fronted alternative bands/artists like Snowmine, electronic remixes and as of late a ton of trashy club hits. On the other end of the spectrum I like traditional norms and forms of functional pottery, and am definitely not a big fan of pop art at all.

I’ve been smoking proper for about a good year, with an average of 5 sticks on average per day. 2 if its too cold out, and 10 on nights out. I started with the trusty Next Chill, and moved to Winstons xs, then Lucky Strike black menthol, and then to Marlboro gold.

When I moved to the UK for university, I started smoking Golds, but it got to the point where I was spending more than I should. Most locals here smoke rollies, and that’s where I picked it up. I started smoking rollies ever since, and now I smoke Golden Virginia tobacco.

I really appreciate the ritual of preparing each stick. Perhaps my appreciation for feeling and getting used to working with craft materials back in SOTA made me much more attuned to understanding the sensitivity of the rolling paper, the packing of raw tobacco, tucking and rolling it, and then finally sealing it with a lick. It’s all very, very intimate, and well, definitely a good conversation starter as well.

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What excuse do I have for smoking?

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