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I started smoking when I was 14. For two years I smoked Kretek, but there was once after O levels, I went over to indonesia with my classmates and the host’s dad bought me ten packs of very strong Kretek. Eventually it made me really sick of them.

When I was 15, I had my first taste of reds but felt like I was going to die after taking 2 puffs. When I was 16, as a joke on our demise, my friend and I thought it would be a wise idea to buy a pack of Winstons reds and finish it in one night, and after that it was a happy and long lasting marriage.

Nowadays, I like it because of its strong taste. It goes extremely well with most drinks, especially coffee. It also gives added warmth and intimacy on cold and rainy days.

“Winston Red never have and never will betray me.”

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Golden Virginia

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What excuse do I have for smoking?

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Golden Virginia

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